Key Holding & Alarm Response

A local waste and recycling organisation was plagued with break-ins and thefts at one of their key facilities. We were employed to respond to intruder alarms as and when they occurred. It wasn’t long until we were notified of such an alarm and immediately dispatched a mobile response unit. We were aware that someone was there on our arrival but unable to pinpoint exactly where, so our mobile security guard requested another mobile unit to assist until the Police arrived. A dog unit arrived shortly afterwards and within 2 minutes of being on site and several warnings having been given by its handler, the dog found what it was looking for much to the discomfort of the person lying next to a waste container.

The culprit was detained and charged. The client has since noticed a significant decrease in attempted break-ins and thefts after we started monitoring the facility.

Real World Services - Key Holding and Alarm Response


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